Hair Extensions Miami Prices

Hair Extensions Miami Prices

Best Hair Salon in Miami : 

Hair Extensions Miami Prices

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Best Hair Salon Miami near me
Best Hair Salon Miami near me


Best hair salon near me Florida
Best hair salon near me Florida


The Best Hair Salon Miami near me
The Best Hair Salon Miami near me


The Hair Salon Miami near me
Hair Salon Miami near me

Miami Florida


General information about South Beach

South Beach is actually a neighborhood located south of the famous Miami Beach district, located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach was the first area of ​​Miami Beach to develop, as it was originally a sandbar that could only be accessed by boat. The first house that was built in this region was a farm in 1870. From then on, houses and other farms began to be built. Finally, in 1912, the Lummus brothers, some very important businessmen, decided to start a project in South Beach to create a city on the shores of the sea. The project consisted of joining the city of Miami with South Beach through a bridge. From then on, the growth of South Beach was unstoppable. In the 1920s it became a large tourist complex and in the 1930s, hundreds of art deco buildings were built. South Beach is a neighborhood that has undergone great changes and this can be seen in the eclecticism of its buildings.


If you want to make a tour in South Beach, it is advisable to walk through its streets, without limiting yourself to the beach, to observe the different intermingled styles of its buildings that help to understand the peculiar development that the place has suffered.

A good idea to enjoy South Beach to the fullest is to walk through its streets and avenues and finish the tour with a drink in one of its fashionable pubs and bars, because it is one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in Miami.

visit Ocean Drive, South Beach
Ocean Drive

The highlight of the Art Deco style of South Beach is on Ocean Drive, making it a good place to start a tourist route. Strolling along Ocean Drive, in addition to seeing the skaters and the muscled bodies, you can see more than 800 art deco buildings built between 1930 and 1940. The hotels that are between 6th and 9th streets of Ocean Drive are the most representative, where The combination of colors, pink flamingos, suns and neon lights abound. The most outstanding are the Cardozo, the Central Park, the Imperial, the Beacon or the Avalon. If you want to learn more about this curious architectural style, head to the Art Deco District Welcome Center (1200 Ocean Drive with 12th Street) where you can get more information as well as audioguides.

South Beach guide, Lummus Park
Lummus Park Beach

If you have the opportunity to visit South Beach with time, we recommend you relax for a while at the famous Lummus Park Beach, the most popular beach park in South Beach that runs almost all Ocean Drive (from 6th Street to 14th). It is a very large park and walking it takes about 3 hours on foot, however, it is a very pleasant walk.

This area meets all the stereotypes of South Beach: it’s full of bathers with extravagant bikinis, celebrities, bodybuilders and supermodels. The volleyball nets, shops and kiosks are mixed with palm trees to form the panorama that we have seen so many times in the movies. The stretch of grass that links Ocean Drive to the beach has a paved road that attracts the famous skaters, runners and cyclists. The Lummus Park is a good place to rest, walk or sit and watch people and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of South Beach.

The beach in front of the park, known as Lummus Park Beach, is a good place to bathe if you are traveling with children, since you will find a wide variety of services and equipment.

Tourism South Beach
The beach of South Beach

Almost all tourists who travel to Miami do so with the intention of visiting the beach of South Beach, and in high season, this long beach becomes a hotbed of people. The stretch of beach that occupies up to 5th Street is usually invaded by surfers, so if you want to enjoy a quiet swim, we recommend doing it between 6th and 14th streets. You can learn more about the beaches of Miami here. Do not forget to take pictures of the quaint shacks of lifeguards!

South Beach tourism guide
Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue

In these two important avenues of South Beach you will find a lot of clothing stores, fashion accessories, tattoo shops … and of course, the best clubs and clubs in South Beach (here you will find a list of clubs in Miami). In addition, art deco buildings abound throughout the area. In the 1200 of Collins Avenue, the Marlin Hotel is located, one of the most famous buildings in the neighborhood. Just behind, at 1300 Washington Ave, is the South Beach Post Office, a building worth visiting.

what to visit South Beach
Casa Casuarina, the Versace mansion

When visiting South Beach, you will have the opportunity to see Casa Casuarina, located at 1116 Ocean Drive.

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