Hair Trends 2019

Hair Trends 2019

Hair Trends 2019
Hair Trends 2019

The trends change with each person and almost with each season. Short hair versus long hair seems to be the norm that will take over 2019. Melena XL versus ‘garçon’ … How far will we go with the hair trends of the year?

Cutting your hair, changing your look, daring with a different color … these are usually steps that are hard to take because we look very comfortable, but leaving our beauty comfort zone can have multiple benefits, including moods. How many times have you seen that someone has cut their hair and see that they even look taller or younger? The same happens with slight touches of hair coloring that completely transform the final result and you get to ask yourself “how could it have taken me so long to cut my hair”.

Well, if you have also lived in an almost Shakespearean dilemma, risk or not risk? we help you. We have the haircuts that will be trend this 2019. You will see how they take possession of all the photographs that impact you on Instagram and how all your friends end up testing some of them.

Source: Marie Claire

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