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Miami hair extensions stores

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Miami hair extensions stores
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Best Hair Salon Miami near me


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Miami Florida


Miami offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, ideal for visitors and their residents.

The list presents some of the most interesting places to visit if you are traveling to the city of Miami. First, we will comment on the most prominent places for tourists and who are in downtown Miami. At the end of the page other places that visit a little further away from the city.

You can access more information about each thing you visit by clicking on the title of each place on the list.


to visit in Miami:

The beaches of Miami:

The beaches of Miami are, without a doubt, the main objective for most of the tourists that visit Miami every year. Florida has a wide stretch of coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. In Miami, tourists find a wide variety of beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and white sand. All people with their particularities that make them different and interesting. Find out here about the best beaches in Miami that you should visit on your trip.

Places to see in Miami
South Beach and Ocean Drive

South Beach, is one of the hot spots for all tourists visiting Miami. The scene honors the stereotype of Miami Beach; surfers trying to catch waves in a turquoise sea, skaters and skaters gliding down Ocean Drive, models sporting their sculptural bodies on the beach, celebrities going in and out of the most exclusive clubs, designer shops and nightclubs open until dawn … This group of friends makes South Beach a perfect place to have a great time: go out to party, go shopping or relax on the beach.


Places to visit in Miami
Little Havana

The Cubans of Miami are very proud of this neighborhood. Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) is probably the most famous street in Little Havana. It is a living testimony of the “American dream” that persecuted miles of Cubans, who did it in Miami after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. The tourist who visits the area, found many restaurants and shops that are replicas of restaurants and shops Cuban Mediterranean-style houses with rocking chairs on the porch, air perfumed with tobacco and good coffee, Latin music from record stores and cigar shops. Without a doubt, a place that you can not miss, and that contrasts with other parts of the city of Miami.

What places to visit in Miami?
The design district
Design District is a small suburb of Miami located about three kilometers north of downtown. A place full of exhibition centers, interior design, decoration, art galleries, boutiques and “very cool” restaurants. Most of the artists and artists of Miami, such as architects, graphic designers and interior designers, have settled in this district, hence their name.


A place you should not miss Enea Garden Lounge, a small urban oasis located on 40th Street. Inside, there are sofas where you can relax in the middle of the bamboo bushes and flower boxes full of water. It is designed by Enzo Enea, a German garden designer.

Although, you can rent for events, during the day, the urban garden is open to the public and is free.

Miami tourist attractions
Downtown, Downtown

Downtown Miami is the bustling epicenter of the city. A place full of skyscrapers, views of the bay and places to visit. In the downtown neighborhood of Miami, you will find Biscayne Boulevard, the famous Freedom Tower and the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat team. It is a neighborhood built by layers, where old buildings and the most modern architecture are mixed.

to visit on a trip to Miami
Coral gables

If you are going to travel to Miami, do not miss a visit to the Coral Gables neighborhood. It is a magnificent and affluent neighborhood full of mansions of colonial and Mediterranean style. You will see that most of the mansions are surrounded by extensive gardens, exquisitely decorated and very well maintained. There is the historic Venetian pool, a huge pool that is surrounded by waterfalls, rocks and caves of great beauty. Visiting Coral Gables is a “must see” in every rule.

What places to visit in Miami?
Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park, on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard, is a neighborhood redesigned in the 1980s. Here is the Fuente de la Pimienta, an electronically controlled fountain. Other highlights include an amphitheater that is used for musical shows of all kinds, a tower with laser lighting and three monuments of cultural interest: the Torch of Friendship, which symbolizes the relations of Miami with the other countries of the American continent, the Memorial Memorial of the Second World War and the Challenger, which commemorates

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