Hair dyes that will be trend in 2019

10 hair dyes that will be trend in 2019

Here are the new hair colors that will be fashionable and include coral tones, contouring balayage and gray with matt finishes.In general, we are going to see smooth color transitions and you will go from dark to very light colors.

The pink / coral will look in subdued gradients starting from the chestnut tree from the root. The bleached strands will not go from medium to light, but they will change their tone continuously.

The platinum dye returns, last year we saw it in a washed-out finish in media, but in 2019 it will be quite uniform. The only part where this color change will be noticed will be very close to the root.

Strong cobrizos with lighter sparkles to give the sensation of a fresh and youthful mane.

Combinations of dark brown, medium blond, ash and discoloration in lilac color only in a few strands with a faded finish.

The ombré from black to silver, passing through intermediate gray.

Balayage in matt finish. This one in particular plays with ash-brown and blond-platinum tones.

Tufted tresses. Choose dark tones and contrast with blond or silver tones.

The perfect care for your hair according to your tone

It was time to have an intense ombré, go for this in shades of chocolate to blond in an intermediate range.

As for dark manes, the most in will be to take it in a tone almost jet and have reflections in coppery tone.

You will see it until the fatigue, the coral will also come mixed with orange and pink shades. The challenge is that you do not notice the difference.


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