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Hairstyle or hair style is the way to cut or trim your hair. Unlike other animals, humans from many cultures cut their hair, instead of letting it grow naturally. Hair styles are often used as a sign of cultural, social or ethnic identity and may reflect social status and individuality. Men and women naturally have the same hair, in which keratin is their main component. Keratin is a protein formed by a long chain of amino acids. Generally, hair styles conform to cultural influences assigned to men and women. Fashion trends can also have a great influence on the person.

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The pixie cut (English: pixie cut) is a feminine hairstyle of remarkably short length. The hairstyle has a considerably short length on the forehead and the back of the head, showing a regularly short fringe that does not exceed the height of the eyebrows. In some occasions, the hairstyle usually increases in length in the upper area of ​​the skull. The pixie cut is a female adaptation of short hair that became popular in the 1950s.

The feathered hairstyle (in Spanish: feathered) is a type of female hairstyle that is characterized by a wavy texture that allows the formation of waves that extend to the outside of the face in the form of wings, giving the hair a greater volume. The hairstyle is formed with a graduated or layered cut that allows the segmentation of the hair, in addition to presenting a length that does not exceed the height of the shoulders. The feathered hairstyle was popular in the 1970s.

Bangle is a section of hair that is born from the hairline, which is cut or combed in such a way that it covers all or part of the wearer’s forehead.30 The fringe is usually a component of various hairstyles, besides being frequently used as a visual affection to reduce various facial features such as elongated faces and broad forehead.

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Siutse The Best Hair Salon Miami

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