Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing is the procedure to change the hair color. Among the usual reasons for wanting to change color are covering gray hair or gray hair, changing to a color that is considered more fashionable or desirable, and restoring the original hair color after having been bleached by hairdressing or discoloration processes. induced by the action of solar rays.

Hair dye, or hair dye, is a chemical preparation that is used to change the color of a person’s hair. Hair dye is used to cover gray hair since gray hair is a sign of advanced age. Young people can dye their hair as a way to go fashion or simply because they want to do it to change their appearance.

It is known that the Romans were interested in altering the hair color and from the available historical information it is known that they had created about a hundred recipes that used natural ingredients. These preparations only allowed to darken the hair. During the Renaissance, the blonde was a popular choice because he was considered angelic and attractive.

In 1907, Eugene Schueller, the founder of the company L’Oreal, created the first synthetic dye for hair, but did not have much sales success

Types of hair dyeing

The four most common types of hair dyeing are “temporary”, “semi-permanent”, “demi-permanent” and “permanent”.

Temporary hair coloring

Temporary hair coloring can be obtained by various techniques and methods that include rinses, shampoos, gels, sprays and foams. Temporary hair color is usually brighter and more vibrant than permanent or semi-permanent hair colorations. It is usually used to color the hair for special occasions such as costume or Halloween dances.

The pigment molecules in the temporary tinctures are large and do not penetrate the hair cuticle layer. The colored particles remain absorbed (adhered) to the hair and are easily extracted by a single wash. Typically it lasts between a few hours to a day.

Temporary hair dyeing can be maintained on hairs that are excessively dry or that are damaged in such a way that the pigment can penetrate into the hair.

Semi-permanent hair coloring

The dyeing for semi-permanent hair dyeing has molecules of smaller size than the temporary dye, and therefore manages to penetrate partially the body of the hair. Therefore, the color supports several washes, typically 4 to 5 shampoos or a few weeks. Some semi-permanent dyes may contain very low amounts of developer, peroxide or ammonia, and therefore are safer for damaged or brittle hair. However, semi-permanent dyes may contain certain toxic compounds such as the p-phenylenediamine compound or other similar ingredients.

The final color of each strand of hair will depend on its original color and porosity, so there will be faint variations of color in different areas of the head. This gives a more natural appearance than a homogeneous color typical of a permanent color. However, it also means that white or gray hair will not be dyed with the same tone as the rest of the hair. If there are only a few gray or white hairs, the effect will be enough to mimic them, but if the proportion of gray hair is considerable, there comes a point from which they can not be camouflaged.

In these circumstances, it is possible to delay the need to resort to permanent dyes if semi-permanent colors are used as a base and reflections are added.

The semi-permanent color does not allow to lighten the hair.

Demi-permanent hair coloring

The dye for demi-permanent hair dyeing is a permanent hair dye that contains an alkaline agent that is not ammonia (for example ethanolamine, or sodium carbonate) and, although it is always used with a developer liquid, the concentration of peroxide of hydrogen in that developer may be less than that used with permanent dyes.

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Hairstyle or hair style is the way to cut or trim your hair. Unlike other animals, humans from many cultures cut their hair, instead of letting it grow naturally. Hair styles are often used as a sign of cultural, social or ethnic identity and may reflect social status and individuality. Men and women naturally have the same hair, in which keratin is their main component. Keratin is a protein formed by a long chain of amino acids. Generally, hair styles conform to cultural influences assigned to men and women. Fashion trends can also have a great influence on the person.

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The pixie cut (English: pixie cut) is a feminine hairstyle of remarkably short length. The hairstyle has a considerably short length on the forehead and the back of the head, showing a regularly short fringe that does not exceed the height of the eyebrows. In some occasions, the hairstyle usually increases in length in the upper area of ​​the skull. The pixie cut is a female adaptation of short hair that became popular in the 1950s.

The feathered hairstyle (in Spanish: feathered) is a type of female hairstyle that is characterized by a wavy texture that allows the formation of waves that extend to the outside of the face in the form of wings, giving the hair a greater volume. The hairstyle is formed with a graduated or layered cut that allows the segmentation of the hair, in addition to presenting a length that does not exceed the height of the shoulders. The feathered hairstyle was popular in the 1970s.

Bangle is a section of hair that is born from the hairline, which is cut or combed in such a way that it covers all or part of the wearer’s forehead.30 The fringe is usually a component of various hairstyles, besides being frequently used as a visual affection to reduce various facial features such as elongated faces and broad forehead.

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The hair  is a continuation of the scalp, formed by a fiber of keratin and consisting of a root and a stem. It forms in a follicle of the dermis, and is the characteristic feature of thin or thin skin. The difference between the keratin of the stratum corneum and the keratin of the hair is that in the hair the cells are always joined with others, giving rise to a very hard keratin. Each of the hairs consists of a root. It is a hair follicle and on a stem that projects upwards above the surface of the epidermis. The root enlarges in its base. The papillary zone or dermal papilla is composed of connective tissue and blood vessels, which provides the hair with the substances necessary for its growth.

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This is distributed over almost the entire body surface, except when the palmoplantar surfaces, navel and mucous membranes. In an adult, the approximate number of films is about five million, distributed unevenly throughout the body. In the head there are around a million, being between 100,000 and 150,000 in the scalp. The hair of the head maintains the corporal heat of this and offers a high level of protection against shock. The eyelashes protect the eyes that diminish the quantity of light and the dust that can penetrate in these; and the eyebrows protect the eyes from the sweat that can drip down the forehead.

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This is constituted by keratin (fibrous protein), which contains a high amount of quantity within which is the amino acid that has a sulfur atom. “Keratin chains are arranged in parallel”, 1 of which are held together by three types of links:

Bridges Disulfide
Hydrogen bonds
Saline bridges between an acid and a base
Water has the capacity to break the temporary path of salt bridges and hydrogen bridges.

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Although hairdressing and aesthetics are different services that can be carried out in specific centers, the premises that offer both activities are usual, providing an integral service. A hairdressing salon is a place where aesthetic services related to hair care are offered, mainly haircutting and combing, while in a beauty or aesthetic salon, services related to the care of the image are provided.


Those are two different activities that can be provided in specialized centers, it is increasingly common the existence of establishments that offer services of both activities, presenting a comprehensive service offer.

Hairdressing: we can define hairdressing as the establishment in which aesthetic services related to hair care are provided, consisting of washing, cutting, combing, dyeing, waving and similar activities in hair, performed by hairdressers. Additionally, some hairdressers can offer complementary services of aesthetics, such as depilating, manicure or pedicure, among others, in addition to the sale of related products, such as hair products or articles of perfumery and aesthetics. Generally, in the hairdressers for men, in addition to the hairdressing service shaving service is offered, in which case they are also called barbershops, being the professional that the barber makes it.
Aesthetics: a beauty salon, also called beauty center, beauty or aesthetic institute, is an establishment in which services related to the care of the image are provided. In this type of commercial establishments, clients are usually offered all kinds of beauty treatments, performed by beauticians, such as hairdressing service, skin health services, facial aesthetics, hand and foot care, aromatherapy, mud baths , hair removal centers, tattoo and piercing studios, nail treatment and many other services. An aesthetic center can offer several services related to the image and beauty, or be specialized in one of them. In addition, aesthetics can be a differentiated business or a complementary service to other activities, since other centers such as hairdressers, gyms, specialized shops in perfumery and cosmetics or tanning centers, often offer beauty treatments.
Currently, hairdressing and aesthetics can be found in differentiated establishments with specialized professionals, as well as in establishments that incorporate various services of both activities together, for example, coupling aesthetics to hairdressing, which allows the client to offer a complete service.


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